Non-Work (AKA Stuff that made no money)

While I'm a big fan of doing creative things for money, I also try to do as much in my spare time as well. Below is some stuff about my TV magazine, a short film (one made, one not made) and my old website OhYeahMeToo which featured some incredibly stupid (and probably too personal) articles about my life.

sixteenbynine magazine

Seeing the rapid growth and in no way total decline of print journalism, I decided to add my own to the list: a mag about TV called sixteenbynine. Sadly it ran only for the pilot, as it turns out that magazines are QUITE EXPENSIVE AND HARD to produce. A great experience though, with lots of incredible help from a lot of brilliant people. 


Mike (A Short Film)

Shot in a day and edited in under a week, Mike is a short film about a zombie that just wants to wave at birds and eat jam on toast. Making Mike was an elaborate way to teach myself to use FCP and After Effects, and also to trick my friends into hanging out with me at my house (I lived really far.) I'm particularly proud of the scene (above) which blends stop-motion and live-action. Well done, me!

How To Get a 2:2 in creative writing

Yes, look, I'm not that proud of the fact that I got a 2:2 in Creative Writing, and I'm even LESS chuffed by the fact that I'm still paying off the tuition fees. My poetry was mainly about animals, and my jokes may not have landed, but I maintain that my portfolio was strong, even if nobody understood me back then. Or now. 


The Secret Diary of An overly emotional 11 year old

Lots of people seem to think this is a joke, but I promise that it's 100% true and lifted word-for-word from my personal diary from the year 2000. I may have been a tiny idiot, but the worst part of the whole thing is how I was a LOT funnier back then than I am now. Unintentionally, maybe, but still.