Going on a Grown Up Trip to Disneyland Paris

"I'm going to Disneyland Paris for three days" I told my colleagues as they laughed in my face. But after three days at the "happiest place on earth*" I was the one who was laughing.  And also crying.

If like me, you have a childish sense of wonder, Disneyland's still pretty incredible, and since I'd never been (I was neglected as a child) I decided it was time to take Charlotte. I did this all for her.

*Cal King, Nov 2014

How We Got There

There's a Eurostar that goes straight to the Marnes de thingy station at Disneyland, but that's usually quite expensive and arrives at 2pm. By 2pm everyone's already hopped up on sugar and on their third go on Space Mountain, so instead my girlfriend and I hopped on the early train to Paris (St Pancras - Gare du Nord) before catching the suburban train to Disneyland to get there a few hours earlier.

After a quick period of excitement-triggered hyperventilation, I was ready to enter the park.

When To Go

There are lots of schools of thoughts around when to head to the park: general consensus is to avoid school holidays. Do this at all costs. We went mid-week in late November, soon after the Christmas decorations had gone up. Tuesday was empty, Wednesday was almost empty, and Thursday was slightly busier. 

What To Do WHen You're In The Park

Where We Ate

By the third day, I'd had enough of queuing, and we tended to avoid the eateries on the main square.

Where We Stayed

To keep costs down (it's Disneyland - there are costs involved) we stayed in the nearby Radisson Blu hotel, which is essentially a soulless box on a golf course. Coming home from the parks each day on the shuttle (which was fairly hard to find) felt like leaving Neverland for Slough. If you can, it's worth staying in one of the themed hotels - you'll get a couple of hours extra at the parks, and get to keep the magic alive that little bit longer.