The French Exchange Whale (And Other Rejected Book Ideas)

Time for some exciting news (mostly for me) as I'm able to announce that I have a book coming out on September 21st! It'll be available in all good bookshops (I don't know if this is true) and also some bad ones (this is more likely to be true.) Either way, it's now available to pre-order.

The French Exchange Whale ...And Other Rejected Book Ideas will be a collection of every idea I have ever pitched at a publisher, only to have it cruelly rejected - from "The When Wolf" to "Noah's Argh" every idea is one that I strongly believe in, and have every confidence that it will someday find an audience, whether in print, or perhaps in a major Hollywood film.

In part to reward my persistence, and partly to make me go away, Hodder offered to publish all of my ideas in the hope that readers will learn how not to get a book deal. That, and I think the phrase "a good book for the loo" has been used at least once.

Please pre-order it and decide for yourself.