Wedding Photoshoot With the Fuji X70

I love the Fuji X70. 

After a few weeks with the little camera, having picked one up to replace the original X100, I'm smitten with the fast-focus, pin-sharp lens and pocketable size.

It's not without its downsides - it's missing the built-in ND filter that the X100 had, and using the LCD in bright sunlight can be a bit of a pain (it doesn't have a viewfinder either) but the JPEGs it spits out have blown me away, and more than made up for any shortcomings.

It recently came with me on a trip to France for a wedding, and we shot a mini photoshoot with the (thankfully incredibly photogenic couple) a few days after the ceremony.

Photos by me, and most colours by the very talented @lepetitfika.