Bronica ETRS and Delta 400

In my quest to find a reasonably sized, metered medium format camera, I discovered the Bronica ETRS and Mamiya 645, both modular 645 cameras which can be shot with a waist-level finder or metered prism.

I eventually settled on the Bronica, which has a good selection of glass, as well as scope for interchangable film backs and even a mythical 35mm one which shoots in a similar dimension to the Hasselblad Xpan. 

Based on the first roll I ran through it, Delta 400 shot at box speed, I'm already enjoying the pleasing bokeh and sharpness the 75mm Zenzanon can deliver.

The shutter speed maxing out at 1/500th of a second can be a bit of a pain, especially in bright sunlight, but nothing that can't be solved with an ND filter or stopping down a bit. Even at f/5.6 the depth of field is pretty dreamy.

A proper review will come soon, but in the meantime, here's a few shots developed in D76 1+1.